AU: Clove kills Katniss, and gets trapped when the mutts enter the arena.

“Clove!” Cato’s voice echoed around in her ears, but she was clueless to where it was coming from. All she could see and concentrate on where the ugly, different-colored-eyed mutts feasting for her flesh. All of them circled her, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. 

There was a black mutt with unforgiving green eyes. Fire Girl. Clove knew. Maybe this was the Capitol giving the audience the vengeance they wanted for the girl that killed the “Hero” 

There were just three tributes left, Cato, her, and Thresh. The girl from five had died by her own doing, and Lover-Boy must have fizzled out after Fire Girl did not return with whatever it was he needed yo stay alive . It was also possible he had offed himself. 

Either way - he was dead.

Now, Clove starred in the eyes of death, most of them were of the tributes she had killed but she could not remember who was who aside from District 12. “Clove!”

Cato’s voice come again, closer now, but the mutts heard him too and snarled. Clove only had two knives left. She would have three, but the one that ended District 12 was lunged so far in the girls spin, Clove was unable to pluck if free before Thresh came running from the trees. 

“Come on!” She hissed, the fear she had moments ago turning in to rage at the game the mutts were playing with her. Her eyes found what she suspected was a camera and she looked into it, “You’re messing with the wrong District!”

The knife in her hand soon became a type of sword as she swung it at the nearest mutt. It’s nose was sliced up, but it did little to slow it down as Clove found an opening and started running. The mutts snapped at her hears, running at a speed that brought the fear back into Clove. Her best bet was the clearing - or a tree, somewhere.

“Damn it!” Clove cursed as she ran into something. She fell on her but but was soon scooped up by strong arms. “Ca- Cato?” Her breath came heavy, her lungs about to burst. She had no idea how long she had been running - but the mutts behind her had vanished. “I can run myself!” She finallly protested as the wind whipped around them; Clove in Cato’s arms.

He didn’t stop or listen, he just started running, and soon the snarls of the mutts were back. Above them, their flashed the picture of Thresh - he was dead. Why were they still being hunted?

“The Capitol lied,” Cato finally spoke harshly. “I figured it out a little bit after you killed Fire Girl. I was going to tell you, but you went off and this shit happened!”

So - now, one of them had to die or they would forever be stuck in the arena?

“Assholes!” Clove muttered loudly, hoping they had heard her. Soon the two of the were in the clearing, an open space. Cato set her on her feet, sword in hand and glanced at her.


“Ready as I’ll ever be!” The two of them were going to fight side-by-side, if only one of them could win, then neither of them wanted to..


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